Free Live Help Customer Support Visitor Tracking Hosted Solution by! provides a very easy to use professional live help customer support and visitor tacking CRM solution. Our remotely hosted live customer support software is an easy and effective way for webmasters to provide a superior level of customer service through real time dynamic interaction with website visitors. Best of all our live help customer relatoinship management solution is 100% free for an unlimited number of operators!

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Get a 100% Free, remotely hosted live help customer support solution. Provide a superior level of customer support for your visitors through our live chat system. Learn how visitors are using your website using real time visitor tracking. Find our where your visitors are coming from and how they are using your services using our advanced visitor tracking and referral analysis tools. Live help, customer support, visitor and referral tracking tools for your website for free!

Best of all our live help customer support solution only takes a few minutes to get and up running. Create and account, perform some basic configuration, insert a couple of lines of HTML/javascript code on your web pages and you are ready to go. With unlimited departments, operators and a built in questions and answers module its easy to help your visitors to make the most of your website. Remember happy visitors are repeat visitors. Not running an ecommerce website? No problem, our live help software is great for any website, whether you just want to track your visitors or you want to initiate live conversations with them LiveHelpEngine makes it easy and very affordable. So why not Sign Up right now and see how LiveHelpEngine can take your website to the next level.

FREE Live Help Customer Support Solution Features
  Configure and manage an unlimited number of operators, departments, and users.
  Live Support chat with visitors on your site in real time. Tab system lets you chat with as many visitors as you want at the same time. You can also chat with other operators and admins and easily transfer live help sessions between operators. Multi-user conference chats are also supported!
  Easily invite any user that is browsing your site to a live chat session.
  Use the real time typing preview mode to see what your visitor is typing as they type it.
  Logging of chat transcripts provides a useful record of all past live help sessions.
  Questions and answer module and the leave message feature means you can use it to provide support even when you are not available to answer live questions.
  Page view counter shows you which of your pages are hot and which are not!
  Professional remote web hosting means you don''t have to worry about installing any complicated software. Just insert some code on your pages and you are ready to go.
  Referrer tracking and page visit stats can be broken down by domain and folder as well as graphed.
  Based on the highly rated Crafty Syntax Live Help customer support software solution and we provide free professional hosting on a fast Linux dedicated server for free!


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